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Danny Wai

Hot! Hot Market!
  1. Sales prices are soaring in all areas and in most sales categories.
  2. Strong demand for lower priced single detached home, townhouse & apartment.
  3. In the need of listings for properties in the price range between $450,000 to $550,000
  4. Current Lowest Mortgage interest rate.
  5. Relocating retail office moving in City of Calgary.
  6. Excellent employment opportunity in different sectors.


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 Danny Wai

BRENTWOOD--BANNERMAN DRIVE SOLD at 101% of asking price
VARSITY--MCLAURIN VILLAGE SOLD at 95% of asking price
BRENTWOOD--BRISEBOIS DRIVE SOLD at 97.6% of asking price
CHARLESWOOD--CHATHAM DRIVE SOLD at 97.4% of asking price
BRENTWOOD--NORTHMOUNT DRIVE SOLD at 88.5% of asking price

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